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our story:

Tribal Waves is a clothing

company inspired by surfers.

We like to look beyond the board and discover the lifestyle & culture of different professional

surfers all around the

world and create a line specifically towards them. Every surfer highlighted will choose an organization that half the proceeds go to.


History not only informs you about the past, but also helps you understand why things are the way they are.


The surfers all

come from different backgrounds. Learning about the culture of these surfers gives you a new perspective and appreciation.


Every surfer lives a different lifestyle but has the same passion. Surfers eat, breathe, & sleep surf, but what do they do when the waves just

aren't there?


Surfing brings

people together from all over the world 

and creates a tribe. Everyone all so different that share the same passion.


Each collection highlights

a specific surfer and

their story. Surfers gets interviewed and the style & pattern of each collection is influenced by their answers.


Interview the surfers, collect important insights, and create a pattern and style based on their answers to create a

line inspired by them.

their stories:

Each surfers interview will

be featured in our magazine CULTURE WAVE, in addition to a brief summary on the website and clothing tags so customers can get a sneak peak. 

culture wave mag:

This publication will give our viewers an inside look of what it's like to be a pro surfer. Read stories, learn about the culture, and discover who these surfers really are.


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